Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hi I am Monica Robinson (AKA M. Robinson) USA Today Bestselling Author and beauty, life and book vlogger! I want to welcome everyone to my new page that will be dedicated to everything from make-up, to fashion and beauty, to everyday life with my husband, and dogs. And of course books will be thrown in the mix of things. I have been an author in the romance genre for the last five or so years and have self-published 13 books to date. If interested in said books, please check out my author page on Amazon. All my books are currently Free on Kindle Unlimited, just search M. Robinson. For the past year I have wanted to start my own YouTube Channel to offer make-up tutorials and vlog about anything and everything. That is what is in the works for me! You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. Right now I just have some book related content up, but that will change soon! Big things are coming, I can feel it <3 

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